Thesis Chronicles – Picking an Interesting Topic

As required by every single graduate program, I must complete a thesis project in order to graduate from USD. Since many things interest me, the hard part was narrowing down my topic to one. I had around a dozen ideas, but with graduation (hopefully) only a few months away, I had to pick one.

When I started the program, I planned on creating a documentary. After lengthy discussions with my wife and friends, I realized that the amount of work and expensive equipment I would need, made the idea less realistic. However,after a tip to Europe with my wife changed things thanks to work of Rick Steves.

While touring museums, cathedrals, plazas, and waterways, my wife and I enjoyed the audio guide tours provided for free by Rick Steves. His witty and information filled tours made it easy to understand the artwork, statues, and buildings displayed before us.

I then knew that instead of a documentary, I would to create an audio guide tour in the same style as Rick Steves. The next step was to narrow down multiple ideas to a specific tour. I thought of walking tours of Normal Heights, Downtown San Diego, Mission San Diego de Alcala, or the San Diego Air & Space Museum. I liked some ideas more than others but I feared I would not be able to find enough information to make it worth my while or that others already had an audio guide tour in process.

After a few weeks, I picked a topic not included in the list above. I asked people what tours they would like to hear and the topic of Balboa Park came up multiple times. So due to popular demand, I am now in the process of writing audio guide script about Balboa Park. Now where to start…

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