Mission’s Shipwrecked is Awesome (But Beware)

Missions Shipwrecked

A few weeks ago work let me out early and since I was already in downtown I decided to stop by the recently opened Mission Brewery. The interior is sparse for now as they continue to build out their tasting area but there is plenty of room to mull around a see the brewing process as it happens.

I started with a flight to sample all five beers Mission offers. The last one I tasted was Shipwrecked and I knew I wanted more. After two more, I stumbled home thanks to the bus and immediately set out to find it in bottle form. A week later I found a few bottle at Clem’s Bottle House (which has an awesome selection of beer, so go there and enjoy).

With bottle in hand, it was time to sample Shipwrecked again. Shipwrecked is a San Diego Style Double IPA with an ABV of 9.2 percent, so please watch out (as you can see with my visit to the brewery earlier).

Shipwrecked Poured

The reason Shipwrecked is so good is that it avoids the strong hops flavor and alcohol burn of most Double IPAs. The nice citrus/sweet flavor allows for easy drinking and less bitter-beer face. I can easily see myself enjoying this on a hot day like some would with a hefeweizen and orange slice (also a type of beer brewed by Mission if you are so inclined).

I considered Shipwrecked for my sister’s upcoming wedding (I am in charge of the beer selection), but I thought the high alcohol content might be a little much for a drinking occasion. However, I might sneak one of these in to the reception for my own enjoyment.


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