Like a Velvet Glove From Iron Fist

Iron Fist Velvet Glove's Huge Bottle

After watching a great video of Iron Fist Brewing by BrewDiego, I decided I wanted to try one. People really seemed to like Iron Fist Brewing’s Velvet Glove so I picked one up from Clem’s Liquor Store for $12.99.

Iron Fist’s website describes Velvet Glove as “one fiendishly strong stout. Rich, chocolaty espresso dominates the flavor profile, with a velvety smooth texture that will haunt your senses.” With a 9% ABV, watch yourself (just like the Shipwrecked Double IPA)

After letting it sit in the fridge to cool, the time came to enjoy. I poured it into one of my free glasses (I cannot pass up a free beer glass event even though it irks the wife) and sadly poured more than the suggested 1 inch of head (working on the glass tilt). After letting it settle, I took a sip.

A Velvet Pour

I must admit that I am not the biggest dark/porter fan. I think it is mostly the heavy feeling porters have. Its color is dark just like you would expect from a porter. However it tasted much smoother than some of the typical darks like Guinness. Also, it did not fill me like some of the other darks (this is after already downing a California burrito).

While I would personally not seek out a porter, Velvet Glove is one I could recommend to those who would (like my cousin-in-law who ordered Guinness over the Killian’s Irish Red keg I had provided for my wedding). However, I do look forward to trying more European flavors from Iron Fist. Anyone willing to drive me to Vista?


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