Last Day of Movember 2011

Movembered Out in Vintage

Movembered Out in Vintage

Can you believe that today is the last day of Movember. To mark this momentous occasion, I have donned some spectacular threads, which compliment my epic ‘stache.

I first want to thank everyone who has already reached into their wallets and made a generous donation to help make sure my Dad and men like him survive prostate cancer. For those who have not already donated, please take a moment to help make sure that everyone survives cancer.

Donations can be made at
Let’s see if we can hit $1000 for the whole team!

Also, please keep my father in your thoughts as he undergoes surgery tomorrow to remove the cancer. If you would like to send him any good wishes, please leave a comment below and I will show them to him while he is still in a drug/pain-reliever induced state.

So here is to the end of a wonderful Movember, a successful surgery and to the start of December.


4 thoughts on “Last Day of Movember 2011

  1. I will keep you- and your whole family- in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I bet you are even funnier under the influence of pain-killers! 🙂

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