Movember 2011

Almost five years ago, my father survived kidney cancer. A few weeks ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Well, my Dad is a cancer survivor and I would like to keep it that way!

The month of November will now be called Movember as I join in a global movement to grow a mustache to raise funds for research on cancer that affects men, specifically prostate and testicular. All money raised will be used to continue the work of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Livestrong and the Movember Foundation.

For thirty days I will grow a mustache and I guarantee you this will not be pretty (I am not known for my facial hair growth). I will look dumb and creepy to some, but I know that I am doing this for a worthy cause. I have set a goal of $500 for cancer research by Movember 30th!

Please join me on my Movember page to make a donation and to check out the daily mustache growth updates. Together we can help eliminate cancer and help my Dad stay a survivor.

Thanks in advance!


The Dangers of Procrastination

Bank deposits well before internet banking…


Probably not the worse thing but something I remember. A long time ago, after receiving my drivers license, my mother began to send me to the bank to deposit checks for her.

One time I totally put it off and never deposited the checks. Later, my parent's had a few checks bounce! I, of course, in a teenage fashion denied it and said the checks had been deposited and the bank had screwed up. Even in the age before the internet my mother new I was lying.

I ended up in deep trouble and had to run out the door that instant and deposit the checks. Thankfully she never asked for me to pay the bounce fees because I am pretty sure my job at Picnic People did not pay enough!

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